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ESIS students are history-makers trained to be citizens of character, a heart issue much needed in life’s success.



(Our Success Stories) Our Graduates are History-Makers

El Shaddai International School (ESIS) is an International Christian school incorporating the Cambridge curriculum and Accelerated Christian Education (character-building), where graduates have attended world –renowned universities such as Liberty University, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Berkeley, Oxford, etc.

ESIS provides a holistic (heart, mind, body) quality education that considers the uniqueness, individuality, wisdom and Godly character to train the students for a life-successful journey. Produce skillful and godly character student and you will have a successful person that contributes to nation(s); produce skillful students without the character- heart issue and you can produce a skillful MONSTER that can destroy nation(s).

If you have the right character and skills, success will follow. “Wisdom precedes success, it prepares the life for success when you build on it.” “Solomon asked God for wisdom and knowledge to rule and judge his people, God granted it to him & Solomon was given riches, possession, honor, and glory that no other king had and will have.”

ESIS students are HISTORY-MAKERS, trained to be citizens of character, a heart issue much needed in life’s success.

SUCCESS is seen by the fruit of our outstanding graduates who have made an impact for their NATION and the WORLD. Our 15 year-old graduate attained a double Bachelor Degree with Summa Cum laude from Universitas Indonesia and Queensland University; and at 20 year-old, she is now attending Columbia University for her Master’s Degree. She has worked under the JAKARTA VICE GOVERNOR (Ahok) and her vision is to become a minister and help her country. Our graduates have attained scholarships to universities internationally and locally in the field of international business, law, accounting, etc. Many of them are out in the workplace working in their own business and also professionally at KPMG Singapore & U.S.A., Prudential, Mind Share, Bank of Singapore, etc. You know a SUCCESSFUL ESIS by the fruit of their students.

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