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Our students are challenged to think creatively, consider alternative ways of solving problems and to aim high in whatever they do.


Anthony Speech

Good evening Ps. Chitra, Ps. Gerry, Ps. Jacob, all the teachers and staff, parents, and fellow students. I am …


Matthew Speech

Matthew Makimian El Shaddai International School of Management This day marks the beginning of another chapter of my life. …


Jesslyn Speech

Sometimes life doesn't go as planned, my plan before coming here was to graduate from my old school. But …


Poem : Indonesia Baru

Indonesia Baru, Indonesia Baru Negara yang jujur, maju, dan penuh integritas Pemimpin yang berhati nurani, berani dan peduli Hati …


Sekolah El Shaddai

Pertama Gunakan Kurikulum School of Tomorrow Sekolah Internasional El Shaddai (ESIS) yang terdiri dari kelas TK sampai SMU kelas …


Your Letters : Unity in Diversity

The Jakarta Post / Readers Forum/ Thu, April 03 2014, 2:12PM As the 21st century continues to baffle us, …


Home Away from Home

Tiara Kristene “For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead …


The Side Effect of Technology for Children

By : Dr. Chitra Effendi El Shaddai International School Has the corruption of society’s morals attributed with easy access …


Assembling a Good Family Through Good Parenting

By : Dr. Chitra E.S El Shaddai International School Good parenting is the foundation of a good family and …

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