Parents have a plethora of choices when it comes to their child’s education. However, the best way to get true clarity on what school will be the best fit for your child is simple: Attend an open house.

At ESIS, we’re proud to show prospective parents all of the great things we do. Our open house include talks from the director and principal, the chance to speak to a range of academic and admissions staff, time for prospective students to take part in workshops, as well as opportunities to talk to current pupils – who will give you a tour of the school.

This open house also features a STORY TELLING COMPETITION which is a healthy way to promote values and good moral conduct among children. It aims to build confidence among school children as they recite and deliver good stories on stage.

“I think that the only way you truly get to understand what a school has to offer is by going there,” says Mr. John Bill, principal of El Shaddai Intercontinental School. By attending the open house, you can meet administrators, directors and often teachers.

Open houses allow you a sense of a school’s climate, as well. For example, what kinds of student work are highlighted? If you have an artist and the only things lining the walls are trophy cases for sports, this school might not be the best fit. If you get a chance to observe a classroom, watch how the teacher and students interact. Is the environment child-centered, or is there a sense that children are not respected? Do teachers seem fearful of administration, or is the atmosphere open and collaborative?

In most cases it’s important to take your child with you to visit school open days; after all, they will be the ones attending. Encourage them to get involved with the activities and workshops on offer, and get them to speak to the existing pupils. It’s always a good idea to take on board the thoughts and feeling of your child when it comes to prospective schools. You want them to be engaged and feel like they’ve had their opinions heard

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