Sometimes life doesn't go as planned, my plan before coming here was to graduate
from my old school. But sometimes things happen for a reason, by attending El
Shaddai Intercontinental School, I met the most caring teachers and friends that I
wish I knew earlier and of course coming here I didn't have much confidence but, I
was able to gain much with the help of all of my supervisors. I am really grateful for
my teachers and principal, Mr. John for helping me.

There were ups and downs in my life and without the help of my teachers and
Mrs.Chitra who became a really great spiritual mother, I would not be able to
become who I am now.
One of the most significant and drastic improvement is my English. I was not able to
speak or write fluently before, but now I believe that I have improved a lot.

So far this evening we have looked back over the many past memories of our school
years, remembering the good times and the bad, talking about the fun times, and so
on. Now I would like to bring your focus to the present, and present you with a
challenge. The time you have spent in prayer for us has gotten us onto this stage. I
challenge you to continue those prayers throughout our college years and beyond.

Thank you and God bless.

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