Good evening Ps. Chitra, Ps. Gerry, Ps. Jacob, all the teachers and staff, parents, and
fellow students. I am delighted for having a chance to perform a speech at this historic
moment. The day of celebration of the efforts given by students and teachers.

I had been in this school nearly eight years, and I had experienced many ups and downs.
When I was in grades 8-9, I was probably the record holder for breaking the most goal card
rules, the teachers, especially Ms. Uli who reminds me constantly and commanding me to set
my goals. Instead of doing it, I continued to postpone it, hoping they would not find out. Until
at last, at the end, I realized, they scolded me, reprimanded me — It was not for their sakes, but
it was for my own. Thanks to the teachers especially Ms. Dina and Ms. Cynthia for being
patient, correcting my stubbornness.

Thanks to Ps. Chitra and all the staff, and teachers for making all of this possible, and
my friends thank you for being a part of my life, sorry if I wronged any of you before.

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