Firefighters and police officers are rock stars to kindergartens. The children walk around the station with wide eyes, taking it all in. It’s their opportunity to see the life of a firefighter inside a fire station. And seeing the fire trucks and medic unit, along with all the equipment, is fascinating to 5-year-olds.”

The students visited that day, and their presence immediately lightened the mood throughout the station. For many of the younger kids at ESIS, this field trip marks not only their first time to a fire station, but also their first time riding a fire truck. It’s an introduction into the world at large, away from home and school, and an invitation to engage at a young age with those who protect and serve.

At this age, some children are afraid of firefighters and police officers. It gives the kids a chance to let them see the firefighters without all the heavy gear on, talk to them, ask questions, and then see them with all the gear on and then they know it’s a nice person underneath it all.

Indeed, this field trip made the children become more caring and responsible citizens when they rub elbows with people whose job it is to take care of and act responsibly on behalf of the entire community.

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