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About Accelerated Education

School of Tomorrow (S.O.T.) designed the Accelerated Curriculum system over 35 years ago. The Accelerated Curriculum is now used in over 7000 schools in more than 110 countries.

The S.O.T. curriculum has proven to be more successful helping Second Language English Learners to improve their English than any other English program.

Accelerated Education is designed with the students in mind. The normal means of education are designed to be centered around the teacher and the school. With S.O.T. the entire approach is centered around the child, the student. Our students learn how to think and learn for themselves with loving direction from the Supervisors (teachers). Students all move forward at their own pace.

In a normal education system the students move from grade level to grade at the beginning of each new academic year. Grade 6 moves on to grade 7, etc. This approach leaves many gaps and holes in a child’s education. In many case students continue struggling with a lack of understanding. At the same time many students get bored with the slowness of the material. They want to move ahead faster but the system does not allow for this methodology.

With the S.O.T. approach struggling children no longer struggle.They quickly catch up to the rest and still finish school earlier than with conventional educational programs.

Bored students that want to move ahead faster are no longer bored, no longer held below their potential. These students excel rapidly forward finishing 1 to 4 years earlier and very well prepared for university.

Our high school students at ESIS have graduated as early as 14 years old. With our programs the students have the potential to finish their Bachelor’s degree (S1) at 17 & 18 years old and their Master’s Degree (S2) at 19 to 20 years old.

About Cambridge

Cambridge International Examinations has become one of the most recognized examining bodies and producers of exams and syllabus materials worldwide.

With the IGCSE exam certificates students are able to enter universities far easier than with any other system or program. With required passes students do not have to take the TOEFL or SAT exams at hundreds of universities in the USA as well as many universities in other Native English countries.

IGCSE exams are taken in Grade 10. The IGCSE exams are prerequisites for entrance to most Pre-University programs partly because of consistency and the thoroughness.

A very wide range of exams are available with Cambridge to meet the needs of any student whether they wish to study Visual Arts,  Sciences, Business, Economics, & Accounting, Performing Arts, ICT & Computer Aided Design (CAD or AutoCAD),  as well as many languages and other faculties.

At El Shaddai Intercontinental School, our students will be well prepared to take the Cambridge exams. With the combination of our Accelerated Education and Cambridge Exams our students have the potential to finish high school at 14 years old, Bachelor’s Degree (S1) 17 to 18 years old, and Master’s Degree (S2) at 19 to 20 years old.